XXIV World Congress of Echocardiography and Cardiovascular Imaging

Event of the Bulgarian Foundation of Cardiovascular Imaging


17 - 20 May 2018





As per tradition, the 24th edition of the congress brought together world-class researchers and clinicians to disseminate their knowledge and experience in cardiology focusing on the theme, “Recent Advances in Echocardiography and Cardiovascular Imaging”. 

The scientific program covered every aspect of cardiovascular medicine and possibilities of non-invasive imaging  for diagnostic and therapy. Participants had a unique opportunity to discuss the various aspects of cardiology, including recent advances, diagnosis, prognosis and various therapeutic aspects.
With more than 600 attendees from 19 countries and three continents the event proved to be one of the most significant international forum in the field.


  • Prepressing and printing the final program within the deadline
  • Managing the exhibition preparation in a brand-new Congress center
  • Urgent need of sound-wiring system and a video-operator at an official faculty dinner
  • Urgent need of biography slides for faculty in the night before the start of the event
  • Illness of a main performer a few hours before the official Congress opening ceremony  


  • Due to our precise and energetic team in charge of the program, many overtime working hours, as well as to our good business relationship and true friendship with our subcontractors, we succeeded to overpower the process and finalize the project.      
  • Our team arrived on spot two days before the start of the event in order to coordinate all the preparation processes personally. Our team put a lot of time and efforts, much enthusiasm and professional approach and we helped the hotel team to get the space in the desirable way. Thus we succeeded to provide the necessary registration desk and exhibition being set properly within the timeline.         
  • Within a short time we managed to communicate with the hotel management the provision of the necessary technical equipment. We managed to provide a video operator – a loyal subcontractor of our company on a short notice.         
  • We reviewed the team tasks and despite the limited time and the high pressure and volume of logistics on spot succeeded to define a team member to be involved with this responsible and time-consuming task and to finalize it in a day in order to fulfill our client’s requirements
  • In less than two hours we contacted our long-standing partners in Varna and managed to solve the problem by finding good classical musicians and folk-style dancers who agreed to perform and succeeded to come on time to complete the ceremony.


Thanks for the invitation, thanks for the atmosphere and the perfect organization of this congress.

Erwan Donal, University Hospital Pontchaillou, Rennes, France

All of you did a great job of organizing the excellent congress. You should be happy and proud of the job you did.

Steven Goldstein, Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC, USA

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